Beauty / 12.12.2014

5 easy steps to longer, glossier hair

By Roisin Dervish-O'Kane
Vitamin E is proven to make your hair grow faster. Crack open a capsule and give yourself a follicle-loving DIY massage


Studies have shown that people taking vitamin E supplements have faster-growing hair than those who don’t. When you apply vitamin E straight to the scalp it helps reduce inflammation and repair damage to the follicles – and healthy follicles means a healthy head of seriously glossy hair.

Step 1:

Wash your hair with a mild shampoo and towel until damp. Vitamin E penetrates best on a clean scalp.

Step 2:

Pour a 10p-sized amount of oil into a small dish. Try coconut for dry hair, grapeseed for normal hair and sesame for oily hair.

Step 3:

Pierce two vitamin E capsules with a pin, and squeeze the contents into the oil (the oils help the vitamin to spread more easily).

Step 4:

Part your hair into four sections: front-to-back and ear-to-ear. Twist each section and clip it to your head. Release one section of your hair.

Step 5:

Dip your fingers into the vitamin E oil and massage the oil into your scalp. Work the oil from the roots to the ends. Repeat with the remaining sections. Leave on for 15 minutes and then shampoo and condition as normal. Once dry, say hello to glossy hair.

5 easy steps to longer, glossier hair
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5 easy steps to longer, glossier hair
Getting healthier, longer, glossier hair is not as difficult as you think. Read these 5 easy steps to get your hair looking splendid.
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