Beauty / 13.04.2015

5 ways to treat your trouble spot: saggy upper arms

By Claire Higney
Don't cover up – blitz your trouble spot so you can look and feel your best


Let’s face it – dry, bumpy, saggy skin, and cellulite (which loves to settle here) are things we’d rather not show off. Banish these pesky problems and say hello to a brand new confident you.

1 Get body brushing

According to beauty expert Susie Rogers [LINK], co-author of Your Hormone Doctor (Penguin, £12.99) and director of London medi-spa Beauty Works West, dry brushing your upper arms a couple of times a week will improve the texture of your skin. ‘As well as getting rid of dead skin cells, it boosts circulation, delivering oxygenated blood to the skin,’ she says. ‘Brush upwards using long strokes to stimulate the lymphatic system and speed up the elimination of toxins.

2 Smart nourishing

After brushing, Rogers advises: ‘Apply a nourishing body lotion that contains ingredients such as gotu kola for a tightening effect, caffeine to temporarily improve the appearance of cellulite, and softening shea butter. Argan oil is also a wonderful moisturiser and has skin-plumping essential fatty acids.’

3 Savvy exfoliating

Those stubborn rough white bumps on the backs of your arms (keratosis pilaris) can be kept under control with daily use of a gentle exfoliator, advises Reynolds. ‘Use a cream with an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) such as glycolic or lactic acid, which smooths skin by dissolving the glue-like substance that holds dead cells together.

4 Fitness fix

Tone the wobble: try an incline diamond press-up. Celebrity trainer Dan Roberts ( explains: ‘Start in a press-up position with your hands on a bench or stable chair. Keep hands close together (not shoulder-width apart). Keeping your back straight, lower your chest to hands then push up again. Do four sets of as many reps as you can manage and your arms will feel firmer in a week.’

5 Go a little deeper

To combat really saggy skin without surgery, cosmetic doctor Terry Loong ( recommends radiofrequency massage. ‘It delivers heat deep into the tissue as well as massage and suction to tighten and firm skin, and reduce cellulite. You’ll need a course of up to six treatments and, although there’s no downtime, it can be uncomfortable.’