Health / 02.10.2020
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Your natural detox

By Healthy Magazine
If you’ve overindulged recently, and are feeling sluggish, a gentle detox such as Ortis PurePlan Detox might help you
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Too often, periods of dietary excess, such as during the festive season, can leave us feeling tired and rundown. And if too many toxins build up in our body, we can have trouble eliminating them. As a result, we can lack energy, develop a dull complexion, feel more irritable, and suffer from indigestion.

Why your body becomes overburdened

The foods we eat often contain toxins, and our body has to process them. In particular, when we consume alcohol, processed products or foods high in salt in excessive amounts, it can affect our digestion. Toxins in the body can also build up due to external factors, such as pollution or smoking.

These toxins are eliminated via three key organs: your liver, your intestine and your spleen. Your skin and respiratory system also play a role in helping to detox your body.

Purify your body, naturally

If your toxin levels become too high, it can be a good idea to support your body in eliminating them, to help restore vitality and balance.

Ortis, a phytospecialist laboratory created in 1958, has the ideal organic solution to help purify your body, naturally. Ortis PurePlan Detox is a 100% natural and plant-based syrup containing silver birch, fennel, dandelion, meadowsweet and tamarind. It’s formulated to naturally help your body eliminate excess toxins and waste, and help restore vitality.

Ortis PurePlan Detox contains:

  • Artichoke and birch to support liver function
  • Dandelion, green tea and birch to support the kidneys’ elimination function
  • Tamarind to support healthy intestinal transit
  • Fennel to help promote good digestion
  • Wild pansy to contribute to a clear complexion

Plus Ortis PurePlan Detox has a delicious apple flavour, is iodine-free, organic and suitable for vegetarians. Simple dilute 15ml daily in a 1.5 litre bottle and drink throughout the day. Follow the 10-day course, and repeat every three months for optimum effect. 

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