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Team Healthy’s wellness resolutions for 2017

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What's yours?

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When it comes to health, we could all afford to be a little more virtuous – even Team healthy own up to that – and the beginning of a new year is a very good place to start. So, in the name of inspiring others (and holding us to account!), we’ve rounded up the team’s wellbeing resolutions for 2017:

1 ‘Get to sleep at a decent hour. I’ve been reading Sleep Smarter by Shawn Stevenson to help me along.’ – Marie Farquharson, managing editor, healthy

2 ‘Cut back on caffeine – I’ve found that drinking too much coffee and diet cola gives me headaches.’ – Jo Levitas, art director, healthy

3 ‘Go swimming more often – it means I’ll make better use of my nice gym membership, and it will help me to boost muscle strength and flexibility.’ – Clare O’Dwyer, sub-editor, healthy

4 ‘I’ve deleted my Facebook account for 2017 – I found it was making me anxious because I felt like I was missing out socially. Plus, all the photos of everyone’s lunches – people I barely know – felt trivial. Now that it’s gone, I feel more mindful and have more time to read.’ – Emily Maitland, account executive, healthy

5 ‘I’ve signed up to run a half marathon for charity – so my resolution is to keep training for that. While I’m not too bothered about getting a record time or competing with others, the commitment will motivate me to stay fit during winter while raising money for a good cause.’ – Francesca Specter, editorial assistant, healthy

6 ‘This year I’m giving up alcohol – instead, I’ll be sipping lime and soda water at the pub.’ – Wesley Doyle, editor, Healthy For Men 

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Team Healthy’s wellness resolutions for 2017
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Team Healthy’s wellness resolutions for 2017
Team Healthy reveal their new year wellness resolutions for 2017, including everything from swimming more to drinking less caffeine. Read them here.
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