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The 5 fitness trends you have to try for 2016

By Francesca Specter
Get inspired by this year's hottest new workout trends

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Sometimes a change is as good as a rest – and if you’re on the brink of packing in your current fitness regime, maybe what you need is to mix things up instead.

With this in mind, we’ve rounded up the hottest new fitness trends for 2016, from trampolining to learning to dance like Beyonce. Gym bunnies and exercise-dodgers alike will be inspired by this lot. Pick your favourite:


1 The one to lengthen your limbs… Xtend Barre

Why you should try it: Whether you’re twinkle-toed or have two left feet, Xtend Barre – a fusion of dance, ballet and Pilates – is a great way of targeting a variety of muscle groups to create a toned, lean ballerina figure.

Skip: if you prefer a more fast-paced dance workout (see number 3).

£99 for a five class pack;


2 The one to make you rethink cardio… Rebound UK

Why you should try it: If you want a high-energy, low-impact cardio blast, this workout – which claims to burn 550 calories in 45 minutes – will be your scene. The Rebounder is a purpose-built exercise trampoline, which reduces any unnecessary pressure on your joints during exercise. Plus, as anyone who’s ever been on a trampoline will know, it’s a lot of fun! This workout can be done at home, using the compilation DVD that comes with the Rebounder to direct your workout.

Skip: if you’re really clumsy – falling off would not be pretty (or pain-free)!



3 The one to build confidence… SOS Life Skills

Why you should try it: This will appeal to dancers of any level who are not afraid to let their hair down. In this class, you learn to strut, flick your hair and hold your posture with newfound confidence. The founder and dance tutor, Bonnie Parsons, has a laid-back, encouraging approach which is all about the fun – meaning this is a great class to come to if you want to boost your mood after a bad day.

Skip: if you don’t like Beyonce music.

£15 for a class;


4 The one for core-blitzing…Studio Lagree

Why you should try it: Providing the ultimate new year fitness challenge, the Los Angeles-born Studio Lagree workout is a strength training workout combined with Pilates and cardio. The exercises are done on the Metaformer machine, a souped-up version of a traditional Pilates reformer.

Skip: if you’re not prepared to sweat. A lot.

£140 for a five class pack;


5 The one for those who just can’t decide… Slice Live

Why you should try it: Get bored with doing the same class over and over? Slice Live is perfect for you. Offering a choice of over 80 classes all over London, an unlimited pass makes the (fitness) world your oyster. The range is great, too: there are yoga and HIIT options, as well as fun classes you can do with your friends, like Zumba amd bellydancing. Plus, there are women-only classes for those who prefer them.

Skip: if you’re trying to squeeze a class in before work. The earliest class starts at 10am

£35 for an unlimited monthly class pass;

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The 5 fitness trends you have to try for 2016
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The 5 fitness trends you have to try for 2016
The hottest new fitness trends for 2016, from trampolining to learning to dance like Beyonce. Read on for the exercise inspiration you need
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