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5 resolutions for glowing skin

By Hattie Parish
Invigorate your visage

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Cold weather and the overindulgences of Christmas can play havoc on our skin – the resulting grey pallor and dark circles can have us looking more sad snowman than radiant angel. So while you set about booking yoga classes and juicing everything in sight, spare a thought for your complexion too. Get your skin back on track with these top tips from Dr Ifeoma Ejikeme, medical director at Adonia Medical Clinic, London:

1 Hydrate
In order to get and maintain a healthy complexion, it’s essential to re-hydrate regularly, with at least two litres of water per day and by eating water-rich foods like cucumber, spinach and tomatoes. Your lighter face creams should be swapped in for richer night creams and oils to really keep your skin hydrated.

2 Exfoliate
As well as allowing moisturisers and oils to reach deeper into the skin for greater effects, exfoliating regularly encourages a more even fade compared to the natural exfoliation that happens over time. For best results, exfoliate the skin twice a week to remove dead skin cells and aid circulation.

3 Exercise
Motivation to exercise plummets in the winter months, but it really is essential. If not for your body, do it for your skin! Movement enables lymphatic drainage and constant circulation, which then enables skin to be energised and glowing. Exercising three to five times a week will help maintain your overall health, as well as youthful, healthy skin.

4 Avoid toxins
Cooler temperatures are more likely to encourage skin problems, such as eczema or dermatitis, to flare up. It’s important to avoid anything that could worsen this, so steer clear of allergens and irritants like chemical-laden detergents. Using moisturisers designed for your specific skin type will also help improve skin quality.

5 Use lukewarm water
In winter, it’s tempting to crank up your shower to full whack and stand under it for a good half hour, but your skin will protest. Using lukewarm rather than hot water to shower, bathe or wash your face with will prevent essential oils and moisture being stripped from the skin.

5 resolutions for glowing skin
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5 resolutions for glowing skin
Cold weather and the overindulgences of Christmas can play havoc on our skin. Get your complexion back on track with these top tips.
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