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Say Yes to comfort

By Healthy Magazine
The natural solution to intimate dryness

yes-shutterstock_62976418-hi-resIt’s often a topic we’d be too embarrassed to talk about, but if you have vaginal dryness, you’ll know it’s something that can make day-to-day overall life painful – not just during sex. It’s a condition that results from hormonal changes and can be experienced by women of any age, whether they’re sexually active or not. Now you can wave goodbye to dryness with the Yes range of lubricants – the ideal solution to help bring relief to this uncomfortable concern and created with both comfort and your body in mind.

The right balance
Due to the sensitive nature of our vaginal tissues, it’s important to ensure we don’t use products which upset their pH balance – otherwise additional problems such as thrush, bacterial vaginosis and urinary tract infections (UTIs) can all develop. Walk into any chemist or supermarket and you’ll find a huge range
of lubricants available to purchase, but many are formulated with glycerine or derivatives of petroleum, which are known to be irritants.

Established 10 years ago, with years of research and development behind it, the pioneering Yes range is proudly certified organic and free from these aggravating ingredients – but still provides great levels of comfort and pleasure.

Created using rehydrating plant-based gums that deliver moisture directly to the dry tissues, not only are Yes lubricants effective, but their pure formulation means they’re safe and have no side effects. Plus, now with brand new packaging and priced at even better value, there’s never been a better time to say Yes to enjoying life – and sex – completely naturally.

yes-wb-all-variants_tubescartonsWhat the experts say
It’s not just Yes users that rave about the range – it’s NHS approved and recommended by leading healthcare professionals, too. Consultant gynaecologist Dr Nick Panay says: ‘Based on my professional experience and the feedback from patients, I can say that the Yes range proves to be the one of the most successful in combating the discomfort of dryness. I have confidence that its natural formulation affords effective re-moisturisation, while gently treating sensitive tissue.’

What are you waiting for? Say Yes today and experience its benefits yourself!

The Yes range of lubricants is available in selected Holland & Barrett stores and online at 

Say Yes to comfort
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Say Yes to comfort
If you have vaginal dryness, you’ll know it’s something that can make day-to-day overall life painful. Find out tip to help you with your dryness.
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