Food / 08.06.2020
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Refreshingly healthy tastes of summer

By Healthy Magazine
Discover soft drinks that are packed with sophisticated, modern flavours – and better for you, too
Photograph: iStock by Getty Images

Bored of the usual choice of alcohol-free drinks? Looking for a healthy alternative to fizzy pop? You’ll find an exciting range of sophisticated, modern soft drinks at Holland & Barrett – made with healthy, natural ingredients. Here are some of our favourites… 

Kick-ass refreshment

Nix & Kix love nature’s super ingredients so much that they have expertly blended them in their refreshing drinks. The Nix: no sweeteners, no caffeine and naturally low in calories. The Kix: A refreshing blend of fruit and cayenne for a kick-ass day (or night). Capsaicin from cayenne has energy releasing and metabolism boosting qualities. It also helps create a sophisticated taste profile. Nix & Kix drinks are vegan and 100% natural. Buy now at

Real fruit and nothing weird

Born and blended in an east London night club, Dalston’s goes back to basics, putting real fruit back at the heart of soft drinks. What’s more, they’re refreshingly responsible, out to do the right thing for our planet and its people. Their latest no-added sugar seltzer range is made with real squeezed British fruit, distilled botanicals and sparkling spring water. They contain less than 40 calories per can, for a refreshingly lighter soda without any artificial sweeteners. Buy now at

Seltzers for the curious

Made with natural ingredients and low in calories Something & Nothing seltzers have been created with a unique combination of extracts, juices and botanicals offering a balanced and refreshingly full flavour – available in Yuzu, Hibiscus & Rose and Cucumber varieties. Using infinitely recyclable aluminium cans, cardboard packaging and donating 1p from every can sold to Glimpse (a collective who use creativity for the good of society and the planet), Something & Nothing have created a sophisticated lightly sparkling drink that is better for you and the planet. Buy now at