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How to make a smoothie bowl

By Roisin Dervish-O'Kane
Put the straw down and pick up the spoon

how to make a smoothie bowlIf our Instagram feed (@healthymagdaily) is anything to go by, there’s a new food trend on the block. Meet the smoothie in a bowl, set to be as big as 2014’s green juices. Blogger Angela Liddon, author of The Oh She Glows Cookbook (Michael Joseph, £16.99) and smoothie bowl pioneer, gives us the scoop.

When’s the best time to eat my smoothie bowl?
‘They’re great for lazy weekends when I have time for a sit-down breakfast. Unlike a smoothie which you can guzzle down, a smoothie bowl forces you to slow down and savour every mouthful.’

What should I put in it?
‘Baby spinach adds a ton of nutrition and the flavour is undetectable – even for kids. Frozen bananas add an ice cream-like texture; great for thickening. For a lower-sugar alternative, use avocado – you’ll only need a couple of teaspoons.’

What about the toppings?
‘Granola, hemp or chia seeds, fresh fruit, chopped nuts, toasted coconut or coconut butter and lemon or lime zest all look and taste great on top.’

But what if I’m really hungry?
‘Add in some plant-based protein powder, hulled hemp seeds, oats, chia seeds or soaked almonds which are rich in protein, too.’

Can I make it pretty?
‘The more colours you add, the more appetising it will look. Get creative!’

Find more of Angela’s ideas at Oh She Glows.

Green tea lime pie smoothie bowl

Serves one

125ml coconut water
30g fresh baby spinach
1 large frozen banana
38g avocado
2 tsp lime zest
1 tbsp fresh lime juice
2 ice cubes
1-2 tsp pure maple syrup,
to taste
¼ tsp matcha green tea powder, optional

Topping ideas:
Melted coconut butter
Large dried coconut flakes
Lime zest
Hemp hearts

1. Put the smoothie ingredients into a high-speed blender. Whizz on high until smooth.
2. Adjust the sweetness if desired. Pour into a bowl and sprinkle on the toppings of your choice.
3. Serve chilled and enjoy with a spoon!

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