Fitness / 18.11.2016

The workout to keep you motivated this winter

By Francesca Specter
A wakeup routine for the colder months from wellness guru Madeleine Shaw


Game of Thrones fan or otherwise, by now you will be aware that winter is well and truly coming. But don’t let the cold weather and short days affect your wellbeing; while there may be a temptation to hibernate and take your foot off the pedal fitness-wise, studies have shown that exercising throughout the colder months is beneficial for your health.

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Thankfully, wellness guru Madeleine Shaw has got you covered. Her winter workout consists of gentle but effective exercises, inspired by yoga positions, to help your body and mind stay healthy during the chilly season.


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The workout to keep you motivated this winter
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The workout to keep you motivated this winter
Madeleine Shaw has got you covered for winter fitness. Her yoga workout will help to keep your body and mind healthy. Follow it here.
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