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Pear of Lyre’s mocktail

By Niamh Leonard-Bedwell
This refreshing non-alcoholic cocktail is perfect for teetotallers
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There’s nothing wrong with the occasional tipple or two, but taking a break from alcohol can have meaningful benefits for your health. Expert believe that going booze-free for a month can reduce your blood sugar levels, lower blood pressure and improve your concentration, as well as give your liver a break. In this light mocktail recipe, Lyre’s alcohol-free spirit is infused with fragrant jasmine tea to replicate the grippy tannins of vermouth. The infused spirit is then combined with elderflower cordial and apple juice for refreshing results. Presented in a glass tumbler with mint leaves to garnish, this mocktail looks and tastes just as good as the real thing!

Serves 1

For the tea-infused spirit:
350ml Lyre’s Non-Alcoholic Dry London Spirit
1 tbsp jasmine tea leaves

For the mocktail:
75ml Briska Alcohol-Free Pear Cider
50ml apple juice
15ml elderflower cordial
Mint leaves, to garnish

1 First make the tea-infused spirit. In a mason jar, combine 350ml gin with 1 tbsp jasmine tea leaves, stir, cover with lid and infuse at room temperature for 4 hours. Strain and discard tea leaves.

2 Fill a tumbler with ice and add the liquid mocktail ingredients. Measure out 30ml of the tea-infused spirit and add that to the glass. Stir the ingredients together with a bar spoon and garnish with a couple of mint leaves before serving.

Recipe courtesy of Cocoon Bars Sussex/Holland & Barrett.

Holland & Barrett’s Alcohol-Free Advent Drinks Discovery Box is available to buy here.

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