Health / 01.04.2020

Let your gut help support your immune system

By Healthy Magazine
The easy way to improve your gut health and help boost your immunity every day

Your gut microbiome has a huge impact on your body. As well as influencing your digestion, sleep habits and mood, did you know that it can have a positive impact on your immune system too?

The immune system is your body’s natural line of defence against harmful viruses and pathogens, and 70% of the immune system lies in the gut. It has even been described as the immune system’s ‘control tower’.

This means that to support the overall immune system and keep our bodies fighting fit, it’s important to consider what we’re putting into the gut, and especially how we fuel the trillions of bacteria in our digestive tract.

Bimuno DAILY is a digestive supplement that feeds bifidobacteria – a type of good bacteria in the gut microbiome – encouraging them to thrive. Plus, it’s a great way to reach your recommended daily intake of fibre.

It’s also really easy to use – just add Bimuno DAILY flavour-free powder to hot or cold drinks, stir and enjoy. It’s so versatile, it can even be sprinkled on food! When taken daily, it’s shown to work within 7 days*, restoring the balance to your gut microbiome. 

Find Bimuno Daily at, priced £11.99 for 30 sachets.

*Scientific data shows that daily use of Bimuno increases gut bifidobacteria levels within 7 days; results may vary.

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