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Introducing…the healthy martini

By Francesca Specter
Forget Dry January – try these cocktail recipes instead


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With Christmas well and truly over, you might be thinking about rebooting your health for the year ahead. But if Dry January sounds, well, a little too dry, the mixologists at Dirty Martini have found another way to make a healthy start to 2016.

Using a variety of innovative, healthy ingredients such as pomegranate molasses, coconut water and acai, they have created a range of martinis which, if not guilt-free, are certainly a more wholesome alternative to traditional sugary, creamy cocktails.

Here are three healthy cocktail recipes you can shake up or stir at home:


Dragon fruit and pomegranate sour martini
Packed with vitamin C, this exotic take on the traditional martini will help to fortify you against winter colds.

dragonfruit bright web

Makes 1 cocktail
25ml Beefeater gin
15ml Figue de Barbarie Liqueur (prickly pear cactus and peppers)
15ml pomegranate juice
10ml egg white
10ml Aperol (bitter and sweet orange aperitif)
10ml sugar syrup
2 barspoons of pomegranate molasses
1 melon-ball size portion of dragon fruit
Ice cubes

1 Muddle the dragon fruit.
2 Add the remaining ingredients, except the ice.
3 Add the ice.
4 Shake and double strain into chilled martini glass. Serve


Coco caramello
If you like piña colada…this is a perfect healthy alternative. Substituting potassium-packed coconut water for coconut cream, this cocktail cuts out the fat content while delivering the same delicious flavour.

caramello web

Makes 1 cocktail
3 unsalted peanuts
½ barspoon coriander seeds
30ml La Dia Blada Pisco (grape brandy)
10ml Frangelico (hazelnut liqueur)
10ml lemon juice
25ml pineapple juice
15ml coconut water
10ml sugar syrup
Ice cubes

1 Add nuts and coriander seeds to a Boston mixing tin and muddle.
2 Add remaining ingredients.
3 Add ice cubes and shake.
4 Double strain into a chilled Nick and Nora glass. Serve.


Acai and Wild Tea Martini
Make it an extra-special Happy Hour with antioxidant-rich acai berries. So refreshing.

Acai and Wild Tea Martini

Makes 1 cocktail
30ml Absolut Wild Tea
15ml Drambuie (whisky liqueur)
20ml acai berry juice
10ml lemon juice
10ml sugar syrup
10ml blueberry shrub
2 dashes Angostura bitters
Ice cubes

1 Add all ingredients except the ice to a Boston mixing tin and shake.
2 Add ice cubes and shake vigorously.
3 Double strain into chilled martini glass. Serve.

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Introducing...the healthy martini
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Introducing...the healthy martini
A great alternative to Dry January, these healthy cocktail recipes from Dirty Martini use wholesome ingredients like coconut water and acai berry.
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