Health / 16.12.2014

Health A-Z: Headaches and migraines

By Healthy Magazine
Pinpoint your headache triggers to manage pain and take control for good


Headaches affect most of us from time to time, and it’s thought as many as 50 per cent of us may experience migraines. Unfortunately, many migraine sufferers are undiagnosed, so aren’t getting the right treatment or advice to tackle the problem.

Other types of headache, such as tension and cluster, can be just as debilitating. Because headaches are so common, many of us ignore them – despite the fact they are a warning sign, maybe telling us we need to drink more water, or in persistent cases, that you need urgent medical attention to rule out serious problems such as a tumour or aneurysm. Pinpointing your triggers is the key to taking ownership of your headache and managing pain for good.

Health A-Z: Headaches and migraines
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Health A-Z: Headaches and migraines
Pinpoint your headache triggers and take control for good.
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Healthy Magazine
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