Fitness / 08.02.2017

Half marathon running diary: injury strikes

By Francesca Specter
It's not all plain sailing

Athlete feet on road

Just over a month to go until the big day! But I’d be lying if I said everything was going to plan…

To be brutally honest, this week has been a struggle. My right foot still aches when I run on it for too long, meaning that I’m stuck at the 10K mark – which, with not much time to go, is more painful than the injury itself.

But I rationalised that it’s better to give myself a chance to recover. Last weekend, during a trip to the Lake District, I traded pavement running for walking through muddy fields and up steep hills.

I’ve also joined my local gym in London so that I can pound the treadmill indoors – there’s only so much running in the rain and dark a girl can take. Meanwhile, to strengthen my foot, I’ve been doing an exercise where I balance on one foot while standing on a Bosu Ball (it helps, according to my research, no matter how ridiculous I might look to everyone else at the gym).

So how long is recovery going to take? I’m hoping to get back on track next week. Fingers firmly crossed.

Incidentally, here’s my fun fact of the day: the treadmill was invented in 1818 by an English engineer, as a device to punish prisoners. It took a whole century and a half before they were used for recreational purposes. Now that explains a few things…

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Half marathon running diary: injury strikes
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Half marathon running diary: injury strikes
Healthy's Francesca Specter experiences a foot injury during the training process. Will she recover in time to do the race? Read more.
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