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Expert styling tips for hair loss in women

By Francesca Specter
Make your locks look thicker

how to make hair look thicker for female hair loss

This summer, we’ve been talking about hair loss in women at healthy HQ in order to break down the silence and embarrassment surrounding this issue. We were shocked to discover that almost 9 in 10 of us feel too ashamed to discuss thinning hair, and that’s why it’s time to put it back on our radar.

We’ve covered the psychological issues and medical reasons that cause female loss, plus how to stop hair thinning through different treatments and tackle the problem.  Now it’s time to talk practicality too: essentially, how to deal with hair loss while it’s happening.

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In this video from Viviscal, a leading manufacturer in hair loss products for women, celebrity hair stylist Errol Douglas meets with four ladies who are experiencing thinning hair. He provides his top styling tips to make hair look fuller and give it (and their confidence) a boost, while they treat the underlying causes of hair loss.  These women have also been trialling a course of Viviscal hair loss treatments including pills and elixirs, available from Holland & Barrett, in order to encourage healthy hair growth.

What this video draws attention to is that, while female balding can be down to a number of reasons (including stress, age, hormones and diet), something as simple as changing your hairstyle and using styling hair essentials such as rollers and 100 per cent bristle brushes, can help to disguise the problem and boost confidence while you are seeking treatment.

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Expert styling tips for hair loss in women
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Expert styling tips for hair loss in women
Video: how do I make my hair look thicker? A celebrity stylist works with Viviscal Voices the best hair styling tips for hair loss and to hide thinning hair
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