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5 beauty tips every wedding guest should know

By Francesca Specter
We quizzed our experts on how to achieve a look that lasts all day and night

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Hands up, who’s been pouring over bridal Pinterest boards lately? Wedding season has come around again, and whether you’re an honoured guest, a bridesmaid, or even the bride herself, it’s almost certain you’ll be caught up in the infectious mood.

Along with the excitement comes the task of perfecting the right beauty look for the big day. You’ll want your appearance to be natural and dewy, but it must also have the staying power to last from ceremony to dancing the night away. Let’s not forget all those photographs that are going to be taken – because no one wants to get caught out with mascara streaks after a teary, sentimental moment.

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Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be a minefield. The experts at Hairtrade have come to our rescue with a 15 step guide to take the hassle out of wedding beauty, helping you to maximise enjoyment and stay worry-free.

1 Get a make-up class

If you are attempting your own make-up or your bridesmaids are, make sure you know what you are doing. Taking a class is a great way to ensure your make-up will look and feel professional without the added cost of hiring a make-up artist. It can make a great hen do activity, too.

2 Think about your moisturiser

If your normal daily moisturiser is quite heavy, leave it as it will encourage your make up to slide off. Opt for a light, oil-free moisturiser but test it out a few days before in case you have any reactions to it.

Don’t wash your hair

When you wash your hair on the day it’s much too soft to hold any style, especially if you’re going for an intricate braided look or up-do. Sleep with dry shampoo in it the night before to keep it clean and volumised.

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4 Prep with a primer

Primers aren’t just puff products, they are the real deal. Not only do they act as a magnet to make-up, but they can also smooth over fine lines and imperfections, like Photoshop in a bottle. Apply after moisturising but before foundation.

5 Apply your foundation correctly

Once you’ve found a foundation that suits your skin type, learn how apply it properly. To ensure your base is still covered by the evening, apply in thin layers using a foundation brush, starting from the middle of the face outwards.

6 Avoid sparkly products

Products with glitter in are not suitable for wedding make-up as not only will they create a glare in wedding photos but will collect in unattractive clumps. If you’re after a little sparkle, try products that have a slight shimmer and blend well.

7 Try a cream blusher

Powder blushes can fall a little flat on skin once it’s been on for a few hours. Cream blushers or cheek stains give a flattering flush perfect for any blushing bride.

8 Curl your eyelashes

Wedding day make-up needs to withstand tears as well as time. Wear a waterproof mascara and curl your eyelashes to try and prevent panda eyes.

9 Make your up-do last

If you’re sporting a fiddly up-do on your big day, try applying mousse after your blow-dry then drying your hair again. Tease at the roots before sweeping your hair up. The texture and tack of the mousse will help it maintain its shape throughout the day.

10 Curl the old-fashioned way

If you are going for a curly style, make sure to use leave-in rollers as opposed to tongs. The curls will set better and last for longer than heated styles. If you have shorter hair, pin curls work just as well.

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11 Make your perfume last

Spritz eau du parfum as opposed to eau de toilette as it is more concentrated and stronger. Apply to parts of your skin that aren’t exposed to air as well, such as the nape of your neck and décolletage.

12 Don’t use too much hairspray

It can be tempting to douse your do in hairspray but this can actually make hair heavy, meaning styles fall out quicker.

13 Use an eye shadow primer

Your eyelids can get oily just like your skin, and without primer, the product will slip off and settle into eyelids creases. If you don’t have an eye shadow primer, a light concealer will do the trick.

14 Use translucent powder

It’s going to be a long day so once you’ve finished your make up use a translucent powder on your T-zone to avoid a shiny forehead. Stash it with one of your bridesmaids so you can touch up your face if you start to get sweaty throughout the day.

15 Choose fresh flowers carefully

If you are adorning your do with fresh flowers, try to stick to dryer varieties like baby’s breath, heather or lavender. These are more resistant to wilting and will still keep fresh at the reception.

What are your best wedding beauty tricks? Tweet us @healthymag – we love to hear from you! 

5 beauty tips every wedding guest should know
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5 beauty tips every wedding guest should know
Whether you're an honoured guest, bridesmaid, or even the bride herself, the experts at Hairtrade have provided their expert wedding beauty tips
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