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Editor’s letter: June/July Healthy

By Francesca Specter
What to expect from the latest issue

We’ve had a bit of a spring clean this issue, digging deep into the back of our metaphorical cupboards/pages to embark on a decluttering mission. And, to employ the William Morris quote beloved of professional tidy-uppers and the Internet: only that which is either useful, or beautiful, would make the cut.

A little while ago we held a reader event talking to a mix of loyal and potential readers about the magazine – what did they love, what weren’t they so keen on. And we took those answers as our guide when asking ourselves the useful/beautiful question. So what will you find in your newly fresh and shiny Healthy?

1 More beauty. A whole new section, in fact, called <Healthy Glow>. We’ve always led the way with our natural, organic approach to beauty from the inside out. Now the beauty industry as a whole is catching up, and with so much more going on to tell you about, we all felt it was time beauty got its own dedicated place in the mag.

2 More quick, easy tips. You reminded us how busy you are and how you want to get to the really-useful-for-you stuff as fast as possible. So, we’ve added some new tips pages (many of which were contributed by you – please keep them coming) and changed some of our designs so you can see what each feature is about at a glance. At your request, we’ve added a special page about work, too – how to stop it stressing you out, and achieve a happy balance with the rest of your life.

3 More fitness. Yes, these girls certainly can. You asked for more inspiration to help you hit your fitness goals (or just move a bit more). As always we’re very inclusive with our fitness features, with ideas for everyone from complete beginners onwards.

4 All recipes in our food section are now vegetarian. We’ve always been flexitarian or veggie focused with our food, but now we’ve made the decision to go fully veggie – it means we can bring you unique recipes you won’t find in other magazines.

Of course, we’re keeping the expertise that has remained key to the <healthy> brand since day one. That expertise runs throughout the magazine – not just in our health section – so, just to be clear about that, we’ve renamed the ‘expert’ section ‘clinic’ (rest assured it’s still a very holistic clinic where you’ll find all kinds of medical and alternative practitioners giving you the latest advice).

Hope you love it – and (even if you don’t) do let me know what you think,


Editor's letter: June/July Healthy
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Editor's letter: June/July Healthy
Summer is almost upon us and our next issue is packed with goodies. Read the Editor's letter for the June/July Issue of Healthy magazine.
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