Editor’s letter: February Healthy

Healthy Sampler

Whatever your stance on New Year resolutions – whether you embrace them with a born-again fervour each January, or you’re a cynic who’s bored of the whole thing, this issue we have tried our best to equip you with everything you might need for a happy and healthy start to 2018.

Detox and diet are two words that are as intrinsic to a British January as rain, the sofa and the last of the Quality Street chocolates that no one really likes. They also both come with their share of controversy and naysayers. We tackle the detox debate once and for all on page 31 in our article Is The Detox Dead? And we investigate if there is still a future for fad diets in the age of wellness, #cleaneating and #strongisthenewhealthy in our article on page 32.

It is a rare woman amongst us who sails through January full of energy and positivity; hopefully our feature 5 Ways To Power Through Winter, on page 56, will make you that exception who proves the rule. And I love our article, page 50, asking the health experts what resolutions they’d make for the year ahead. I promise you, you will be surprised.

For me, 2018 feels like it is going to be a gentler, kinder year than 2017. Our lovely, inspiring life skills feature, page 41, is full of small, totally doable ways to enrich your life – from smiling to spending a few minutes alone (perhaps the two are connected…). Remember, it’s the little things that count. Here’s to small successes and mini triumphs.

Ellie Hughes :