Editor’s letter: December/January Healthy

Healthy Sampler

I love Christmas. Wrapping presents in sparkly paper that somehow repels sticky tape; digging out the fairy lights and favourite baubles; family shouting, singing (and making a mess) all round the house; cracking open icily delicious champagne at any time of day to enjoy with a mince pie… I adore pretty much everything about it – apart perhaps from the washing up…

So, even though this is a health magazine, I’d never suggest for a minute that you shouldn’t throw yourself into all things Christmassy. There is nothing bah humbug about us here at healthy.

But this issue we are asking you to pause for a moment, and think about having a (slightly more) meaningful Christmas. You don’t have to get sucked into thinking everything has to be excessive – Boxing Day doesn’t have to mean waking up to wrapping paper everywhere and those just-for-the-sake-of-it plastic presents no one actually asked for. On page 30, we share ways to make your Christmas more conscious, whether that’s eco gifts, buying food locally or volunteering for a charity to help those who aren’t so lucky.

Like charity, Christmas starts at home. For all the Insta-quotes online, there is one that resonates with me – don’t just buy presents, be present. Partly because you can be so busy getting the roast potatoes perfect you miss the fun of dinner itself. Partly because in my house, with two teens attached to their smartphones, it can be a struggle to get anyone to listen. So what I’d really like, is just a day where everyone is fully present. Wherever you are for Christmas, and whatever you like to do, I hope you get to do it, too.

Ellie Hughes :