Self / 24.06.2018

Editor’s letter: August Healthy

By Ellie Hughes
What you’ll find in our healthy holidays issue

Healthy Sampler

Hopefully you are reading this issue of healthy on your summer holiday, lying in a hammock while the sea breeze lifts the pages. Or perhaps you’re in a deckchair on a pebbly British beach, or a blanket next to your tent…

Magazines are a lovely little treat to ourselves, giving us a taste of holiday every time we carve out the space in our busy lives to sit down and open one (hopefully with a cup of tea or a glass of wine). For me, there are few things better than when this coincides with our actual holidays. The magazines bought at the airport, which then sticky with sun cream and crinkled with pool water, are always my favourites, full of gorgeous sunshine and promise.

Which is all a long way of saying – this is our holiday issue, and we’ve aimed to bring you a big serving of blue sky along with all our usual expert advice and inspiration. As we all know by now, “Life is a journey, not a destination,” and we investigate what that can teach us about actual journeys on p32. Just as there is a boom in holidays that we go on to improve our wellbeing, so are we increasingly looking at how we can holiday more healthily – whether this means slowing down how we travel, or reaping the mindfulness benefits of doing and seeing more than just the usual tourist ticklist.

Elsewhere, we have a feature on holiday health (p70) that will help you avoid the vacation issues you haven’t heard of, but should have – like leisure sickness, that classic baddie that waits for you to relax and then hits you hard. Because we love our food, we have two mouth-watering recipe features on vegan picnics (p98) and juicy, tasty vegan barbecues (p110) that will keep you eating happy all summer. And finally, for those of you who aren’t going away this summer, we have dedicated our travel pages (p133) to a feature on staycations to make your heart sing.