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‘I don’t let my dyslexia hold me back’

By Claire Lavelle
TOWIE star and entrepreneur Amy Childs spills the beans on being papped without her make-up, the benefits of early nights and why good manners count

AmyChildsweb2We’ve seen some very cute pictures of you with the new love of your life – a bulldog puppy called Leo…
Leonardo, yes – he’s so cute but it’s just like having a baby. Honestly, he sleeps on my bed, he cries to get under the covers at 3.30am… he dribbles everywhere, too, and likes to wipe his mouth all over my legs! I don’t mind. He’s just so adorable.

Your clothing and beauty ranges ( demonstrate a canny head for business. Have you always been passionate about helping people look their best?
I was (and still am) severely dyslexic so I found school hard. Weirdly, I was really good at French but everything else was a struggle… I’m lucky though because I was always really confident, and because I had such a passion for beauty and fashion, I knew I’d find a way to make a career in those industries. My old headmaster said I’d be successful because I was confident, but also very polite. My first job was at a beauty salon and I loved it from day one. My dad’s a market trader – he’s a loud, cheeky character – and my mum is really talkative, too, so anywhere I can have a chat, I’m happy!

Is the constant media attention ever annoying?
It’s just the way my life is: TOWIE (The Only Way Is Essex) was a great platform for me because it allowed me to develop my fashion and beauty businesses and without it they wouldn’t be anything like as successful as they are. If I’m papped wearing one of my dresses, it’s sold out within a day. The only time I don’t like the cameras is if I’ve got no make-up on! So I try to make sure I look good at all times. That said, I experiment with my look – I love to change my hair colour (although always go back to red, that’s just me); and I love a bright lip and glossy nails. It’s fun to experiment – that’s what make-up is all about. My desert island make-up essential would be YSL’s Luxurious Mascara for False Lash Effect – when you’ve got your eyes on, the world is a better place!

Are you a fan of the gym?
I LOVE the gym; I work out three times a week with a personal trainer and we hit the weights. I’m a curvy size 8-10 and I’m happy with that – I love my curves. I feel so good after I’ve been to the gym; my skin glows, I drink loads of water and it means I’ll go home and have a healthy dinner like chicken salad. I try not to drink in the week and some nights I’m in bed by 8pm – that’s terrible to admit but I’m an early bird; it’s not unusual for me to be up checking emails at 5.30am.

 And what about food? Do you cook?
No… I really should learn! I can do the basics, like chicken, rice, pasta and salad, but if I feel like a treat I have a Dominos pizza or a spicy Thai green curry. I also love a glass of Prosecco, but I try to balance things out; if I do that one day, the next it’s water and the gym. Life’s about balance but you can’t be too strict – YOLO (you only live once)!

How do you cope with the more negative side of fame? Untrue or nasty stories, for instance?
It just makes you stronger. When I first started TOWIE, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to cope with it, but you get used to it. And tomorrow is another day – a new day.

What’s next for Amy Childs?
I’d like Amy Childs salons to go nation- and eventually worldwide. And for my fashion collection to do the same!

'I don't let my dyslexia hold me back'
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'I don't let my dyslexia hold me back'
TOWIE star and businesswoman Amy Childs tells healthy what makes her tick – and how she overcame dyslexia at school to become a one-woman empire.
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