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Discover why protein’s your best friend

By Healthy Magazine
If you’ve worked up a sweat, make it count with the help of MissFits Nutrition

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You’re probably no stranger to the advice to eat protein with every meal. But if you’re a regular exerciser or lead an active lifestyle, your requirement will be greater, and your meals may fall short of what you need to replenish and develop your body. But that doesn’t mean bulking up like a bodybuilder, but achieving a slim and toned silhouette that’s healthy and strong.

What women want
Finding the right product can be tricky, which is why MissFits Nutrition co-founder Tara Adlestone decided to change things up. ‘I knew the importance of using protein products, but struggled to enjoy anything in the market. Brands were focusing on men to bulk or women to lose weight through meal replacement, and everything I tried was loaded with calories, sugar and artificial chemicals that left me feeling bloated and jittery.’
Frustrated, she took matters into her own hands provide something different. ‘Natural, high quality products women can trust to be aligned with their fitness goals. If you look at our hero product, The Multitasker, for example, it gives women all the protein they need post-exercise, but it’s under 80 calories and has no added sugar. And essential nutrients are included to leave users feeling their best.’

Plant-based protein power
The Multitasker is a naturally flavoured, vegan protein powder, designed to be integrated into your health and fitness routine to help you get results. It has fewer than 80 calories, no added sugar, nothing artificial, and comes in four delicious flavours: Chocolate, Vanilla, Coffee and Mixed Berry. It’s ideal post-workout, but can also be enjoyed in the morning or as a snack to increase overall protein intake. The handy 25g single-serve sachet is super portable – just mix with water and you’re good to go!

Fuel for active women
Harley Street nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert comments: ‘With food and fitness working hand in hand, consuming the right nutrients after you exercise is just as important as what you eat before or even the workout itself to ensure you achieve your goals. Whether you’re an occasional gym goer, professional athlete, or plant-based foodie, consuming an adequate amount of protein after a workout is key to providing your body with the amino acids it needs to repair broken down muscle and the building blocks to repair broken down tissue.’
It’s this knowledge that’s behind MissFits Nutriton’s mission to change the way women think about protein products, to recognise they’re for any active woman – whatever her stage in life. Most importantly, MissFits believe in a #strongnotskinny philosophy – that health and fitness is about improving strength and confidence inside and out!



MissFits Nutrition Multitasker is available from selected Holland & Barrett stores and at

Discover why protein’s your best friend
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Discover why protein’s your best friend
If you’re a regular exerciser or lead an active lifestyle, your need for protein will be higher. Here's why protein should be a staple in your diet.
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Healthy Magazine
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