Food / 03.11.2017

Dip into this healthy snack

By Pares Tailor
Eating well isn’t just about avoiding ‘bad’ foods – it’s about making positive choices. Linwoods Snackettes make that super-easy, coming in handy little packs you can tuck into any time, any place.

Stay #snackhappy

Here at Healthy, we’ve just launched our #snackhappy campaign to help change the nation’s snacking habits one bite at a time – and Linwoods Snackettes fit the bill perfectly.

They’re an easy win if you’re trying to improve your diet – a great source of protein, fibre and healthy omega-3. Unlike some protein balls and energy bars, they have virtually no added salt or sugar. Plus, Snackettes are 100 per cent organic and gluten free.

If you’re joining the growing trend for plant-based eating, Snackettes are a great choice as they’re also suitable for vegans.

Dip into three great flavours

Linwoods Snackettes come in three great flavours to help you keep hunger at bay. There’s Superseeds, which is packed with protein; Banana & Coconut is great if you want some extra sweetness; while Spicy Tomato has an extra kick with garlic and coriander flavours.

Enjoy them as a healthy mid-morning or afternoon bite, on the move or as a post-workout nibble. Fancy a more substantial snack? They’re yummy with a dip – try them with houmous, guacamole, salsa or the dip of your choice!

Why not give them all a try – find them in selected Holland & Barrett stores, or head to to purchase them online.