Competition / 26.07.2018

Win! A Mammoth Prestige Express 22 Mattress

By Sally Gue
Get a good night’s rest and feel great. Prize worth £1,399.

Sleep is the foundation of health and wellbeing. After sleeping properly, you feel active and energised, as well as calmer, more relaxed and optimistic the following day. Sleep helps our body fight illness by boosting our immune system, as well as lowering blood pressure and the levels of stress and inflammation on the cardiovascular system, too. With good health in mind, we’ve teamed up with Mammoth, in partnership with Furniture Village, to offer one lucky healthy reader the chance to win a Prestige Express 22 Mattress, worth up to £1399.

The Mammoth Prestige Express 22 combines the best tried-and-tested materials, along with its advanced sleep and support innovations to deliver comfort and rejuvenation like no other. The luxe 22cm-deep mattress helps relieve pressure and promotes better spinal alignment, which can reduce aches and pains and lead to a more restful sleep. It comes with two free MicroFibre pillows to provide perfect support for your head and neck, too. Bliss!

For info, visit Find them on Facebook at facebook. com/mammothmattress and Twitter @mammothmattress.


  • Make sure you have a consistent bedtime and wake time every day
  • Stay physically active
  • Try to eliminate worries and anxiety from your life using yoga and mindful techniques
  • Ensure your bedroom environment is dark, cool, clean, quiet and clutter-free
  • Stay away from technology before bedtime. It’s a good idea to put your phone in another room so you’re not tempted to check it
  • Keep your body fuelled with a healthy, balanced diet and stay well hydrated
  • When you wake up, get up and respect your sleep space
  • Say no to a nightcap – alcohol can significantly affect your quality of sleep


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Closing date: 24th September 2018
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