Co enzyme Q10Health What it does… Co-enzyme Q10 A powerful antioxidant, wrinkle and blood pressure soother, the co-enzyme Q10 nutrient has a host of benefits Omega 3Health What it does… omega 3 For good heart and brain health, reduced inflammation and healthy cell membranes, try omega 3 Food sources of MagnesiumHealth What it does…magnesium The second most abundant nutrient stored in body tissue, we all need magnesium throughout life LIQUORICEHealth What it does… liquorice From acid reflux to menopause problems, and respiratory infections to sugar cravings, liquorice has been used for centuries to treat a variety of health complaints Lemon BalmHealth What it does…lemon balm Restless sleeper or suffering chronic cold sores? Lemon balm is an ideal tonic for these and other conditions Girl with fruit on her gut areaHealth Health A-Z: Good gut health Your digestive tract is a sophisticated piece of machinery. Here's why you should take care of it Food sources of ironHealth What it does… iron Feeling tired or short of breath? Sufficient iron stores are key to oxygen-carrying red blood cells – and a major energy booster Woman receiving physiotherapy on her legHealth Health A-Z: Fibromyalgia Did you know women are 10 times more likely to develop this painful condition than men? Get the facts here GOPOHealth What it does… GOPO Painful knees or hips preventing you being active? The rose-hip ingredient in GOPO keeps joints supple and significantly reduces pain glucosamineHealth What it does… glucosamine Stopped exercising because of ‘dodgy knees’? Glucosamine can help keep joints strong and muscles pain-free Pregnant womanHealth How old is too old to get pregnant? 1 in 25 babies are born to a woman over 40. But how healthy is it really to get pregnant when you're older? FertilityHealth Health A-Z: Fertility and pregnancy Getting pregnant can be exciting, confusing and utterly terrifying. Here are a few fertility facts to start you off Woman applying eczema creamHealth Health A-Z: Eczema and psoriasis Itchy, dry or flaky skin could be a sign of something more serious. Time to get clued up Cubes of sugar with diabetes written on themHealth Health A-Z: Diabetes Type 1 or type 2, diabetes impacts almost four million Britons. Time to brush up on your knowledge Boxes of tissueHealth Health A-Z: Coughs and colds We're likely to be struck down by a few each year. But what's behind the common cold? GarlicHealth What it does… garlic Garlic contains many active ingredients, including sulphur compounds responsible for its odour – and it's a source of immune-boosting vitamin C and selenium BroccoliHealth What it does… folic acid If you are planning pregnancy or have just found out you’re pregnant, this is a vital vitamin