5 ways to beat Christmas stress

We Brits seem to be Christmas obsessed. According to Google, we make more Christmas searches than anywhere else in the world. A YouGov survey found that half of us consider it our favourite time of the year. But all this built-up expectation can come crashing down, resulting in stress and anxiety.

According to new research from PharmacyOutlet.co.uk, stress ruins the festive season for 15 million Brits – that’s 30 per cent of UK adults. So, we’re here to turn that around. Follow these simple tips to really make it the most wonderful time of the year:

1 Measured breathing
If the kids’ fighting is driving you mad, take a deep breath – in through your nose, out through your mouth and repeat five times. It will help to bring down your blood pressure, clear your thoughts and reset your brain, which will hopefully prevent you from saying something in anger that you can’t take back.

2 Aromatherapy
We know essential oils can be used in all sorts of ways to alleviate stress. In the chaos of Christmas Day you probably won’t have time for a long soak in a bath, so try applying frankincense to the temples. This wonder oil can ease fear, anxiety and stress, and is fittingly festive. Try it in pure oil form, or Dr. Organic’s De-Stress Aroma Ball, which contains soothing patchouli, frankincense and Arabian jasmine.

3 Mind your mind
Think about your thoughts. If you initially think negative thoughts about a situation or family member, you’ve already set yourself up to experience it in a negative way. Try to attach a positive thought – that may be all you need to change the experience.

4 Walk away
With the influx of visitors, it’s likely you’ll experience a personality or two that will grind on you. The best thing to do is walk away. Politely excuse yourself and find a quiet corner to breathe. Envisage a beautiful waterfall, which you stand under, asking for all negativity to be washed away.

5 Do something you love
In the run-up to Christmas we rarely have the time to think about ourselves. Making sure that everyone is going to have a fabulous time can be super stressful, so pop a date in the diary that is just for you. Having something to focus on and look forward to is a great way to help de-stress.

Hattie Parish :