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The healthy awards 2019: food & drink

By Healthy Magazine
Find out which food and drink products won your vote

Nearly 2000 of you voted in the healthy awards 2019 for the wellbeing products you can’t live without. Here are your winners in the food and drink category:

Best for Targeted Health Solutions

OatWell Crispy Hearts

Containing 3g beta-glucan per serving, this crispy breakfast cereal is scientifically proven to lower cholesterol. Plus, it’s high in fibre and a source of protein. You voted for it because it’s both health-boosting and tasty, too. The sweet hearts taste great on their own, with milk or yoghurt, or mixed in with your usual breakfast cereal.

Best Savoury Snack

Eat Real Quinoa Corn Puffs

These cheesy-flavour puffs made from maize and quinoa were a real hit with you – an inclusive option that tastes great. They’re free from gluten and all of the 14 declarable allergens, and vegan. This means they’re a great choice of snack for sharing with friends and family with different dietary needs.

Best Confectionery Brand


You just can’t get enough of this raw snack brand. Their bars are inspired by classic treats such as blueberry muffins and Bakewell tarts, but they achieve the flavours with a mix of raw fruit, nuts and nothing else. The modest ingredient list also means they’re vegan and gluten-free. Plus, they even count towards your five-a-day.

Editor’s Choice


Containing a blend of 13 Swiss herbs, these sugar-free sweets come in a range of soothing flavours, perfect for relieving scratchy throats.

Best Beverage

Virtue Energy Water

This zero-sugar, zero-calorie, natural energy drink is your winner for its refreshing citrus taste. It contains about the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee, but the energy comes from natural sources, including yerba mate, guarana and ginseng. And it gives back, too – for each can sold, 500 litres of clean drinking water are donated.

Editor’s Choice

Remedy Kombucha

We adored this refreshing, sugar-free kombucha. It’s made using a traditional fermentation process and flavoured with raspberry and lemon.

Best Protein Powder

PhD Smart Protein

The world of nutrition has been learning that whey powders are more versatile than simple shakes. PhD Smart Protein powder is a great example of this, providing a substance that can be mixed into a drink or a low-sugar high-protein mousse – the ideal healthy dessert.

Editor’s Choice

Precision Engineered Whey Protein

To get the best from your performance, you’ll need top-quality protein from multiple sources. This whey blend contains isolate, hydrolysed and concentrate for the complete range of amino acids to fuel muscles.

Best Sports Supplement

USN BCAA Power Punch

Getting the right amount of amino acids before your workout can really give your session the edge. Power punch is designed to fight fatigue without the caffeine, while ensuring your muscles are replenished with top quality nutrients.

Best Protein Bar

Grenade Carb Killa Caramel Chaos

One of the tastiest performance-enhancing bars on the market, this delicious Caramel Chaos flavour is low sugar and high protein (22g). You found it the perfect fuel to fit in your gym bag.

Best New Product

Deliciously Ella Nut Butter Balls

Like us, you’re still finding new ways to enjoy nut butter and these newly launched energy balls are just the ticket. A delicious, chewy blend of nuts, fruit and cacao encases a creamy centre of smooth nut butter. With two in each pack, they’re perfect for an on-the-go energy boost.

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The healthy awards 2019: food & drink
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The healthy awards 2019: food & drink
Nearly 2000 of you voted in the healthy awards 2019 for the wellbeing products you can't live without. Here are your winners in the food and drink category:
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