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Ask Jo Chidley: what’s the best age to start using skincare?

By Jo Chidley
Healthy's natural beauty expert and Beauty Kitchen founder, Jo Chidley, answers your queries



At what age should you start using skin products? My 12-year-old daughter has been nagging to let her try some.

Because all teenager skin becomes more oily and acne prone during puberty, I would suggest that it is never too early to start a good skincare routine. However, the key is keeping it simple. It’s not all about expensive miracle creams.

Effective, twice-a-day, cleansing is the most important step in your teens. My recommendation is using a Konjac sponge with a gentle natural Abyssinian oil based cleanser which balances the production of sebum & excess oils helping to clear pores & remove bacteria.

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The only other routine essential is a natural SPF. We should all be using one of these everyday and the earlier we all start the habit the better!

One final tip is the occasional face mask containing clay as it will help to clear skin and absorb excess oils.

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Ask Jo Chidley: what's the best age to start using skincare?
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Ask Jo Chidley: what's the best age to start using skincare?
My 12 year old daughter wants to start experimenting with skincare. Should I let her? We ask skincare expert and Beauty Kitchen founder Jo Chidley.
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