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The 5 signs of ageing no-one told you about

By Roisin Dervish-O'Kane
Wrinkles, sure. But the baggy neck and droopy eyelids, too?


Looking good – at any age – is all about making the most of what you’ve got, accepting some inevitable changes and tackling the bits that make you miserable. We put the five most surprising signs of ageing (why did no-one tell us!) to skincare specialist Dr Terry Loong.

Help! The skin on my neck is baggy
The scoop:
‘As we age, we lose the fat cells that give us that lovely “plumped” look – meaning skin loses its supporting structure, leaving loose skin or “turkey neck”. Too much sun exposure also makes this worse by breaking down and flattening the collagen fibres that support the skin.’

The fix: ‘A high dose of vitamin A helps renew and tighten the skin, and vitamins E and C can boost the collagen production (Don’t ignore this bit. Collagen is your friend). Look out for retinol and hyaluronic acid in a firming cream, and always apply in gentle, upwards strokes. If skin is really loose, an infrared massage can help tighten it up.’

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Help! My under-eye circles won’t budge
The scoop:
‘If it’s pigment on the skin, it’s likely to be genetic, and if you’ve been eating junk and having late nights, it’s likely because your system is toxic. A skin specialist will diagnose the exact cause and find you a tailored treatment.’

The fix: ‘Take supplements that increase circulation and detoxification, like green tea extracts, alpha lipoic acid or milk thistle. Don’t cover dark shadows in concealer as the product will sit in the hollow and make it look worse. Instead, highlight to the corner and under-eye areas and cheekbone to make the eye “pop”.’

Help! My make-up is ageing me
The scoop
: ‘If you’ve got fine lines, foundation will sink into them and make them more obvious. Only wear foundation where you need it and choose oxygen or mineral-based formulas over thick products or powders. Swapping to a tinted moisturiser might help, too.’

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The fix: ‘For a temporary lifting effect, crack and separate an egg, beat the white and tap it onto your skin; let it dry. This tightens skin and gives foundation a smoother base. Then book in for a medical facial with a therapist who won’t layer too many products, but uses techniques such as a radio frequency machine to calm skin.’

Help! I have vertical creases on my lip
The scoop:
‘The padding in our lips and surrounding skin comes from collagen, and as we age the padding reduces, so crepy lines form when we pout. Smokers tend to get more, because they do more of the puckering action.’

The fix: ‘Take omega-3s to reduce UV damage, and consider a Japanese Facial Fitness Pao. This mouthpiece helps you exercise muscles round the mouth and regain padding, to fill lines.’

Help! My eyelids are droopy
The scoop
: ‘As we age we lose fat and muscle tone so the muscle that lifts eyebrows weakens, causing skin to droop. This can be genetic. If it obstructs your eyesight, you can have skin tightened on the NHS.’

The fix: ‘Do forehead lifts to help strengthen muscles. Creams weigh eyelid skin down; swap for a serum.’

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The 5 signs of ageing no-one told you about
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The 5 signs of ageing no-one told you about
The signs of ageing no-one thought to warn us about. Luckily, we've got the solutions for you. You’ll feel more beautiful just reading on…
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