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Look good in 5

By Hattie Parish
Beauty for the busy

How long did it take you to get ready this morning? If you’re anything like us, a shamefully short time – anything for a few extra minutes in bed, right? And we’re not alone – a Mintel study found seven in 10 of us spend 20 minutes or less on our daily beauty routine. But despite it not taking long, this morning ritual matters, as two-thirds of women say they get a self-esteem boost from using beauty products.

Maximise your beauty-time window with these experts’ go-to five-minute morning routines:

The beauty therapist says:
Katharine Mackenzie Paterson from Azure Beauty

5 Cleanse and refresh skin with a micellar water or oil, which acts as a cleanser, light make-up remover and toner in one.

4 Apply facial oil using swift, sweeping strokes and light, tapping movements to stimulate blood supply to the skin for a healthy, rosy glow.

3 Protect your skin from sun damage and ageing with a moisturiser that has an SPF – whatever the weather.

2 Apply hand cream. We often forget our hands, and in the cold months they can get dry and irritated.

1 Nourish and plump up your lips with a lip balm. To save time, double up a clear lip balm as an eyebrow balm – just sweep a tiny amount on with your fingertips.

The hair expert says:
Anabel Kingsley from Philip Kingsley

5 Freshen your hair and scalp with a dry shampoo that contains beneficial ingredients. Spray throughout the root area.

4 Spritz a detangler through your hair, but not the roots. Use a paddle brush, starting from the ends and working up to avoid breakage. Before brushing the roots, gently disperse the dry shampoo with your fingertips.

3 Smooth strands with a lightweight conditioning cream. Concentrate on the ends where the older hair is more prone to frizz.

2 Set with a weatherproof hair spray.

1 Grab a protein snack, like a handful of almonds. Energy available to hair cells is lowest in the morning.

The make-up artist says:
Jessie Owen runs her own business

5 Apply your concealer to cover any blemishes and hide under-eye circles. If you need more coverage, use a brush or sponge to apply a BB cream.

4 Apply mascara to thicken lashes, as this will give your eyes definition.

3 Use blusher to make your face come alive. Smile and apply with a brush on the apples of your cheeks then blend outwards to the ears.

2 Gently fill in your brows to define your eyes. Draw in short lines – a hard eyebrow pencil will last longer than a powder.

1 Dust setting powder over your make-up to make sure everything stays in place.


Look good in 5
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Look good in 5
Maximise your beauty time window with these experts’ go-to five-minute morning routines.
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