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5 beauty rituals dermatologists swear by

By Sam Bunting
The trick is to work with what you've got


In cosmeceuticals, we’re seeing a shift from drastic anti-ageing procedures to making the most of what you have. It’s about improving skin quality, and there’s plenty you can do to get a radiant complexion.

Follow these key beauty rituals to keep your skin luminous.

1. Invest in a good quality sunscreen
Most signs of ageing are down to external factors (UV rays, smoking), so you’re missing a trick if you don’t use one. Treat it as if it’s a primer and it should be a daily part of your regime.

2. Use a retinoid and vitamin C
Retinoid (from vitamin A) actually changes the way skin behaves and can improve the tone and texture of your skin, making it look more radiant. Use vitamin C as a topical serum to help keep skin healthy and youthful looking – it neutralises damaging free radicals.

Apply your vitamin C serum, moisturiser and sunscreen before your make-up. In the evening, instead of the vitamin C, apply a topical retinoid cream as this should be used at night only.

3. Get a gentle cleanser
As a regime, use a gentle cleanser (a non-foaming, non-comedogenic one is best to get rid of make-up and excess oil without clogging pores). A good one won’t leave residue behind, so you won’t need toner.

4. Invest in a Dermaroller
I also recommend a Dermaroller, which ‘needles’ the skin, making tiny punctures that help product penetrate deeper. That’s my secret gadget everyone can use at home.

5. My top tip
Let each layer of product soak in before adding the next. I usually apply one layer, get dressed, apply the next, do my teeth and so on!

Sam BuntingDr Sam Bunting is a London based cosmetic dermatologist





5 beauty rituals dermatologists swear by
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5 beauty rituals dermatologists swear by
Find out how to get your skin glowing from the person who knows best. A dermatologist shares her top beauty rituals to live by.
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