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A 15 minute mindfulness exercise you can do at your desk

By Francesca Rose Thompson
It will make all the difference

Woman doing yoga at desk

Workplace stress is on the rise, with 234,000 new cases reported last year by the LFS (Labour Force Survey). The main causes of stress come from work overload, tight deadlines, too much responsibility and a lack of support. But what if a 15 minute mindfulness routine could help you to power through?

Experts in yoga, mindfulness and nutrition have collaborated to create the WIN (wellness, inspiration and nutrition) Sequence. Reap the benefits of mindfulness with this combination of exercise, creativity and nourishment, produced in collaboration with the Almond Board of California.

It can be done at your desk or on the move with only your body, pen, paper and a healthy snack like protein-packed almonds.

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Whether you’ve had a sleepless night or you’re just a bit peckish, this routine could make all the difference to your working day.

‘We are never at our most productive or happy if energy levels are low and we feel hungry,” says dietitian Lucy Jones who co-created the sequence. ‘This routine is designed to help tackle tiredness and fatigue, as well as sustain that feeling of fullness.’

Mandy Jhamat, director at Yogasphere, adds: ‘Internal worries manifest themselves in the physical, causing discomfort and tension in our muscles. By matching mindfulness exercises with basic but effective stretches, we’ve pioneered the ultimate wellness routine to work from the inside out.’

How to practise mindfulness with the WIN Sequence

With stretches to alleviate pressure points, a mind exercise to refocus the brain and a nutrient-boosting snack to keep you on track, the WIN Sequence tackles important areas all while slotting effortlessly into your busiest days. Try it here:


A 15 minute mindfulness exercise you can do at your desk
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A 15 minute mindfulness exercise you can do at your desk
Workplace stress is on the rise in the UK. Buck the trend by mastering this simple 15 minute mindfulness technique at your desk. Learn it here.
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