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10 expert tips to make you instantly feel good

By Francesca Specter
You'll be smiling in no time


To tie in with the release of our #FeelgoodFeb issue, we’ve quizzed a bunch of experts – from dermatologists to personal trainers – on their failsafe perk-me-up tips:

1 ‘Ginger tea – it’s an instant pick-me-up! It’s both soothing and invigorating at this time of the year.’ – Dr Sam Bunting, dermatologist

2 ‘An impromptu winter walk with the dog under blue skies listening to beautiful music.’ – Jessica Chivers, psychologist

3 ‘My morning ritual is to stretch out my body, incorporating five core Pilates moves to target the whole body. It never fails to leave me invigorated, focused and prepared for the day ahead.’ – Sam Eastwood, Pilates expert

4 ‘My feel-good tip is to buy some new leggings that will make you feel like superwoman, then try a new workout: bouldering, CrossfFit, Pilates or hot yoga!’ – Carly Rowena, personal trainer and blogger

5 ‘The fastest way, in my opinion, to feeling like a winner is a 20-minute HIIT session in the morning before work. It gives me so much energy and makes me feel alive for the whole day’ – Joe Wicks, The Body Coach

6 ‘Even something as simple and everyday as taking a shower can be an incredibly mindful experience if we allow ourselves to enjoy the sensation of the water. Use an aromatherapy body wash and body buffer for a quick revitalising and exfoliating experience. Look for uplifting ingredients, such as mandarin, lemon, grapefruit, ginger, rosemary, and lemongrass.’ – Lucy Wakefield, founder and creative director of Calmia

7 ‘Write thank you letters: it creates the chance to reflect on a nice thing that someone did for you. People won’t expect it and you’ll get a warm glow inside!’ – Matt Boyles, personal trainer at Fitter You

8 ‘Try the four, seven, eight breathing technique for instant Zen. Breathe in through your nose for four, hold for seven, and then breathe out through your mouth for eight, and repeat 10 times!’ – Emma Kenny, psychologist

9 ‘My top feel-good tip – bake! It relaxes the body, focuses the mind, and leaves you with dessert for the week. I’m currently perfecting my sweet potato brownies and the Crussh office team are loving my trial runs!’ – Helen Jones, head of marketing, Crussh

10 ‘I use running as time for mindfulness. Once my body is in a steady rhythm, my mind has time to process thoughts and feelings – leaving me energised physically and mentally.’ – Melinda Nicci, founder and CEO of Baby2Body

10 expert tips to make you instantly feel good
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10 expert tips to make you instantly feel good
To tie in with #FeelgoodFeb issue, we've quizzed experts – from dermatologists to personal trainers – on their failsafe perk-me-up tips. Read them here.
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