Vitamins and Minerals Guide

Health What it does… vitamin D Vital for strong bones, the sunshine vitamin has a much wider range of health benefits Health What it does… turmeric Apart from being a key ingredient of any curry and widely used throughout Indian and Asian cuisine, turmeric is known to have many health benefits Health What they do… probiotics Get bouts of IBS or infections? Probiotics help with both Health What it does… zinc Is your skin and hair dry and brittle? Keep getting infections? Lost your sex drive? Zinc is essential to all these Health What they do… B vitamins The range of B vitamins are essential for food energy release, a healthy nervous system, production of blood cells, and healthy skin and hair Health What it does… valerian Can’t sleep? Anxious? Valerian is the herb of choice for both, as well as other conditions where stress is a trigger Health What it does… starflower oil Got PMS or rheumatoid arthritis? This supplement could help Health What it does… selenium This powerful antioxidant protects the body from damage and helps maintain the immune system Health What it does… Co-enzyme Q10 A powerful antioxidant, wrinkle and blood pressure soother, the co-enzyme Q10 nutrient has a host of benefits Health What it does… omega 3 For good heart and brain health, reduced inflammation and healthy cell membranes, try omega 3 Health What it does…magnesium The second most abundant nutrient stored in body tissue, we all need magnesium throughout life Health What it does… liquorice From acid reflux to menopause problems, and respiratory infections to sugar cravings, liquorice has been used for centuries to treat a variety of health complaints Health What it does…lemon balm Restless sleeper or suffering chronic cold sores? Lemon balm is an ideal tonic for these and other conditions Health What it does… iron Feeling tired or short of breath? Sufficient iron stores are key to oxygen-carrying red blood cells – and a major energy booster Health What it does… GOPO Painful knees or hips preventing you being active? The rose-hip ingredient in GOPO keeps joints supple and significantly reduces pain Health What it does… glucosamine Stopped exercising because of ‘dodgy knees’? Glucosamine can help keep joints strong and muscles pain-free Health What it does… garlic Garlic contains many active ingredients, including sulphur compounds responsible for its odour – and it's a source of immune-boosting vitamin C and selenium