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Shaping up…with Debenhams

Reader Suzanne Hinchcliffe has a mission – to get fit and work towards running a marathon. With support from Debenhams’ fantastic new Sport & Leisure range she’s dedicated to changing her life.

Yes the nights are colder, it’s drizzly and the last thing I want to be doing is running in the dark. I’ve definitely noticed the temperature dropping – obviously it’s due to the lack of puppy fat that has disappeared through running!
So why the torture of trying to keep the weight off? Winter parties are looming and Christmas calories are around the corner. I’ve made a decision to be drop dead gorgeous in that slinky black dress. Therefore, I’ve got by with a little help from my hockey friends; team motivation, training twice a week and healthy eating.
So no I won’t be lusting over the creamy hot chocolate this winter, green tea it is for me!

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  1. Well done for sticking with ya training and healthy eating to get in shape ready for christmas, i know whats its like heading out the door to run when its cold and dark but just keep remembering how good you feel afterwards and keep the image of you looking fantastic at Christmas as a reason to step out the door. Im a runner and eat very healthily but have let my healthy eating slip a bit lately so im doing the same as you and focusing on feeling good ready for Christmas and making sure i stay on track with my healthy eating, is good to know someone else is going through it too!

    Comment by Elizabeth Gower on November 14, 2009 at 4:37 pm

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