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Healthy challenge: the post-holiday blip…

Healthy writer, Hannah Fox, wants to tone up, get fit, and lose a few pounds with the help of Maxitone and I.N.C Space fitness centre

I’ve just returned from a week’s skiing holiday so I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I stepped on the scales this morning. Skiing is a very active thing to do on holiday, and it certainly beats lying on a beach all day for getting you up and and out each day. However, sticking to an ultra healthy diet during my trip wasn’t always as straight-forward as I’d hoped. I was staying in a resort in Austria and most of the dishes on the menu involved quite heavy food such as sausages, dumplings and very little vegetables except cabbage, a lot of which is washed down with beer (they drink it like water over there). Considering how much food I ate while out there, I’m surprised I didn’t fall more off the healthy bandwagon, but I’ve only put on a few pounds so I feel pleased with that. I took some Maxitone Definity bars out with me and they were really useful as a mid-morning or afternoon snack to keep me going, as I could stash them in my ski jacket pocket and eat them on the slopes. I also took some of the Omega Finesse and Definity CLA supplements to keep things ticking over. Skiing over moguls can put pressure on your knees so I was keen to keep my levels of omega-3 up so that my joints remained healthy.
I’d had a session with Jacqueline at I.N.C. Space on the Thursday before I left and she said I was doing well with my training. She had me doing lots of squats to prepare me for skiing as well as sit-ups on the gym ball which had me grimacing and grunting like a maniac. I’d never really known how to do sit-ups on a gym ball and was always worried I’d wobble off the side, but once I was shown what to do, I could understand why people use them.
Now I’m back at work and back to normal, I really want to crank up my fitness levels as I’ve got my first of three weddings in a month and I want to look fab for that. Here goes…

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