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Hannah’s Healthy Challenge

Healthy writer, Hannah Fox, wants to tone up, get fit, and lose a few pounds in time for summer. Follow her story as she attempts the Healthy Challenge, with the help of Maxitone and I.N.C Space fitness centre…

When it comes to diet and fitness, I’d say I’m Little Miss Average. I’m no gym bunny, pounding away everyday on the treadmill, but I could hardly call myself a couch potato. I think I eat quite healthily (you have to practise what you preach when you work for a health magazine!) and I play a vigorous game of hockey a few times a week. However, I suddenly realised that the world is full of Little Miss Averages – women who are neither especially fat nor scarily thin, neither slob-tastic nor fitness fanatic. They are the women I want to reach out to with this blog, to show that while it’s perfectly fine being a “reasonably healthy-size 12-touch of cellulite-likes a cream cake or two-kind of gal”, it is possible to push yourself further.

My aims for this challenge are:

  • Tone up my legs, tum and bum (who wouldn’t, right?)
  • Improve my fitness – I may play hockey, but I’m known to go a frightening shade of beetroot after about 15 minutes, and I can do a good impression of an asthma attack when pushed hard
  • Get strong – I’m going skiing in a few weeks, so that’s a great incentive to improve the strength in my legs and avoid the post-ski John Wayne swagger
  • Look fabulous in time for the three (yes three!) weddings I’ll be attending in the next few months (Mr Right could be just around the corner!)

I’ll be trying to achieve these goals with the help of Maxitone, who specialise in weightloss and toning products. Their nutrition expert, Gwen Fitzpatrick, has devised a nutrition plan where I get to eat a range of healthy, filling foods, topped up with Maxitone shakes, bars and supplements. Download a copy of my nutrition plan by clicking here. For more information on the products I’m using, visit Logo
I’ll be getting fit and toning up with the help of personal trainer Jacqueline Harvey at the I.N.C Space fitness centre ( in London’s Covent Garden.

Vital statistics:
Name: Hannah Fox
Age: 27
Height: 5ft5
Start weight (15.02.10): 9 stone 12lbs
Goal weight: 9 stone

Here I go…

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