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A “stress-less” day

A new stress reduction day has just launched which not only helps you manage your stress levels, but also includes an indulgent few hours in a spa – a stress reduction double-whammy!

Everybody loves visiting a spa, having the cares of the world pummelled out of them, and leaving feeling all light and fluffy. The problem is making this last! By the time you’ve squeezed into the rush hour traffic, got home to pick up the kids and cooked dinner, that wonderfully relaxed feeling has gone out of the window, to be replaced by your usual constant buzz of stress and anxiety.

This is where a new day organised by Carey Manor Spa & Hotel in partnership with The Stress Management Society can help. The Stress Management seminar is run by an expert from the Stress Management Society and lasts three hours. It teaches you how to understand the physical, mental and emotional impact of stress, giving nutritional, exercise and healthy living advice as well as sleep improvement techniques, breathing exercises, stretches and self massage techniques. The session is followed up by a delicious Thai lunch in their Zen Garden Restaurant, and then a one hour luxurious treatment carried out by trained therapists in the SenSpa and full use of the other spa facilities. Read on below to find out how Healthy writer, Hannah Fox, got on: careysfront

Arriving at Careys Manor Spa in the New Forest, I was in need of some serious pampering. However, I also had a streaming head cold and should probably have been in bed, but was dying to try out the Stress Management day and so soldiered on with tissues and plenty of hot honey and lemon.

Our seminar was hosted by Neil Shah, who is the Director of the Stress Management Society. Firstly, he asked us to introduce ourselves and explain what we thought the main cause of our stress was. This ranged from work load or work colleagues, to family, kids or your daily commute. Then he explained how we can recognise when we are stressed, and how stress can affect your health.

Finally, he suggested different breathing techniques and self-massage methods to help us relax. One of them was raising your arms and lowering them as quickly as possible while breathing in and out. Felt a bit like an over-excited chicken flapping my arms all over the place, but it gave me a wonderful head-rush of energy!

After the seminar, we were shown round the SenSpa facilities, which were lovely and peaceful, and include hydrotherapy facilities (tepidarium, herbal sauna, crystal steam room, experience showers, health showers and an ice room), a gym, a relaxation room and a pool.  volcano and hydro pool

We then had a delicious lunch in the hotel’s Zen Garden Restaurant which specialises in Thai food – I had delicious tempura prawns and a plate of pad Thai noodles. After lunch, I went for my traditional Thai massage. My therapist was from Thailand and she did a fantastic job at kneading out all the knots and tension in my back, shoulders and neck before finishing off with a relaxing scalp massage. I nodded off at one point and felt like I was on another planet when I finally came round!

I was then free to continue using the spa facilities until the end of the day (9pm). I had great fun trying out all the different experience showers (tropical monsoon, atlantic shower, thunderstorm complete with thunder bolt sound effects and flashes of lightning) and finished off with a couple of sessions in the herbal sauna (to help clear my cold) and a splash under the ice shower.

It was a wonderfully relaxing afternoon, and, I hope with the information and techniques that I picked up in the morning seminar, I’ll be able to keep those stress monkeys at bay… 

  • Stress Management Days are taking place at SenSpa on Wednesday 16th June 2010, Wednesday 23rd September 2010 and Wednesday 1st Decembr 2010 and prices start from £249 plus VAT.
  • As part of the package, you’ll also receive an online health assessment, 12 months use of a stress coaching tool and a 3 stage relaxation MP3  audio programme
  • For more information visit or call 01590 623551.

Words: Hannah Fox


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