Self / 30.05.2017

5 minutes with…London Paleo Girl

By Francesca Specter
Including the one thing ALWAYS in her handbag

We caught up with Tessa Seward, the women behind the London Paleo Girl blog and founder of Co Fro (a soft serve coconut frozen yoghurt brand) to chat about her supplement regime, her health mantras and why she disagrees with fitness fads:

What’s your healthy mantra?

‘Health is not a size, it is a lifestyle.  Focus on nourishing your body rather than restricting yourself.  To me, general wellness involves living a balanced life with a healthy mindset with regards to food, fitness, managing stress and sleep.’

What fitness fads do you disagree with?

I believe counting calories and macros (weighing food to the gram) can become an unhealthy obsession, which tends to end up with people forgetting to realise the importance of eating vitamins and minerals, and restricting themselves unnecessarily. Listen to your body and how it feels, instead of putting everything you’ve eaten into an app.

What is the one thing you want people to do differently after reading your blog?

To make healthier changes to your life in a positive way, consuming good food from real, unprocessed ingredients that fulfil a balanced diet that nourishes your body so you can live life to the full.  Also, to not feel restricted and realise how small changes can benefit your overall health, not to mention illness prevention and natural healing that can come from consuming the right food and superfood ingredients that can be your medicine.

What can always be found in your handbag?

A fork!

What makes you happy?

Good food, friends, family and Mattie (my horse).

What are your three favourite healthy products?

1 ‘Reishi mushroom supplements: they’re an amazing immune system boost.’

Try these, with added vitamin D.

2 ‘LQ Liquid Joint Health supplements: everything I need in one tasty daily bottle to support my joint health, containing other key active ingredients to support general wellbeing.’

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3 ‘Squirrel Sisters bars are the perfect guilt-free paleo treat.’

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